High Park Ski Club

Boarding Day Trips

HPSC offers FREE snowboard lessons in small groups organized by ability. You always ride with people of the same level. We offer lessons for all riders from beginner to advanced.

If you have never tried snowboarding we start you off right. We meet you at the bus, stay with you for morning and afternoon lessons and cover all the basics.

If you are already experienced, we have programs for the seasoned rider who wants to hone their skills, check out the park or the pipe or learn what’s involved in becoming an instructor.  For more information, visit the snowboarding lessons and snowboard program pages.  You can download a summary of the Boarding programs here.

Unfortunately, HPSC can't offer boarding lessons on all of our trips.  Lessons and programs are limited to Saturdays and Sundays only and Day Trips with snowboard lessons, group riding and programs are listed below.  Click here to download a printable version of the entire schedule (updated as of Nov 11).  When snowboarding lessons are available, they appear as a separate option when registering.  You can always cancel out of the registration process without any penalty if you wanted snowboarding lessons and they don't appear for that trip.  

Date Trip # Destination Note/Event
 Sat. Dec 10  A02 MSLM Double Double - Test Drive
 Sat. Jan 7 A04 MSLM 
 Sat. Jan 14 A06 MSLM 
 Sat. Jan 21 A08 Blue - South Lodge 
 Sat. Jan 28 A10  MSLM 
 Sun. Jan 29 A11 Blue - South Lodge Sleep-in Sunday
 Sat. Feb 4 A12 MSLM 
 Sat. Feb 11 A14  MSLM Test Drive
 Sat. Feb 18  A16 MSLM  
 Sun. Feb 19 A17  Blue - South Lodge Sleep-in Sunday
 Sat. Feb 25 A18 Blue - South Lodge Apres Ski (Board) Dinner
 Sat. Mar 4 A20 MSLM Mix & Mingle
 Sat. Mar 11 A22 MSLM 
 Sun. Mar 12 A23 MSLM Sleep-in Sunday
 Sat. Mar 18 A24 Blue - South Lodge Apres Ski (Board) Dinner
 Sat. Mar 25 A26 MSLM 
 Sun. Mar 26 A27 Blue - South Lodge 

MSLM = Mt St Louis Moonstone.  Schedule may change.  

Register for a Day Trip by selecting the trip from "Upcoming events" for trips within the next week or so or from the calendar below for trips scheduled for later in the season.   We generally enable trips for registration about a month in advance.

Upcoming events