High Park Ski Club

Board of Directors

David Manning

After spending decades dreading winter, I joined High Park in 2005 and my life was forever changed for the better! There are tons of people in Toronto who don’t know the difference winter sports can make in their lives, and I hope to share that experience with them. My goal is to grow our membership, run more buses and give members the opportunity to have an increased voice and hand in our club. I first volunteered in 2007 as bus captain. Since then, I’ve helped out at new members’ and trip signup nights. I’ve been a downhill ski instructor and developed the club’s surveying initiative a few years ago. When the snow falls, I’m often on downhill day trips as well as club races. I occasionally snowboard, and I’m looking forward to some skate skiing next year with our xcountry group. My favourite bus trips have been to Sunday River (it’s like skiing out west!) and Whiteface. See you on the slopes!

Mary Macdonald
Administration director

I joined High Park in 2000 to see if downhill skiing was something I would like to do again. I have never looked back since my first day with High Park. The lessons have always been amazing. I signed up for a series and kept coming back week after week. By good fortune, there were members in my class who shared the same enthusiasm for the sport as I did. Every week, series after series, we took lessons together and then skied and practised together in the afternoons. Eventually, we started taking club trips together. Today, these people are very good friends and, of course, ski companions. A few years ago, I also took up snowshoeing. If you regularly participate in club activities, you will get to know lots of people as well as the club’s routines. My friends and I started out volunteering as bus captains. That led to becoming trip leaders and eventually being involved with the Snow School and the Board of Directors. I became the administration director in 2006. It seemed the right thing to do – a natural step in giving back to a club that continues to give me so much enjoyment.

Heather Roseveare
Communications director

I joined High Park Ski Club about 10 years ago because I loved skiing and there were fewer friends to ski with as time went on. It’s been a great experience, especially the lessons – they fixed my bad habits and I continue to learn from our expert instructors. My skiing really took off after joining the club and I now enjoy teaching others to enjoy this snow sport. I did a few tasks as a communications and social volunteer, then took the plunge to stand for election for a two-year term as communications director in 2015. I’d like to say it was a hard-fought battle having been acclaimed! It’s been an interesting and valuable experience to learn how our volunteer-led, not-for-profit club runs. I encourage everyone to volunteer in some way as it all makes a difference – we wouldn’t exist and have all the fun we do without volunteers! If you’d like to help with the communications portfolio, which involves SnoBiz, social media and the website, let me know at communications@hpsc.ca.

Martina Fischerova
Downhill day trips director

I joined HPSC in 2014 and immediately felt at home. I started volunteering straight away by  helping with social events. In addition to meeting amazing people, I’ve made lifelong friends and had a lot of fun on trips. My skiing has improved by taking lessons, too, and I’ve been introduced to snowshoeing -- it’s a lot of fun! During the past year, I shadowed former day trips director Horst Widl to learn what’s behind the scenes of a successful winter day. Well, there’s a lot to it but I’m ready to roll and very grateful for the opportunity. I’d like to continue Horst’s awesome work and look for areas of improvement. I’d also like to build our team of bus captains, so please let me know if you’re interested in becoming one. In a nutshell, I want to make our already great day trips even greater!

Randy Snyder
Downhill skiing & snowboarding director

I enjoy going fast! In my teens and early adult years, I was involved in off-road motorcycle racing. That sport led to mountain bike racing in my 30s, competing in the Ontario Cup series. I learned to snowboard with my kids when they became teenagers. However, it was the grace and speed of downhill skiing that really appealed to me. I answered the calling in my early 40s and haven’t looked back since! While visiting Ontario resorts, my wife and I frequently ran into High Park Ski Club members. They always seemed to be having such a good time, so we decided to join eight years ago. The rest is history! After acquiring my initial CSIA designation, I volunteered with the ski school and day trips. As I gained experience, I ran for Director of Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding in 2014. I thoroughly enjoy this position. In addition to allowing me to give back to the club, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many interesting people and develop close friendships. I’m looking forward to the upcoming winter months and another great season of skiing. So, while I still enjoy going fast, don’t worry if you see me on the hill – I’m always mindful of skiing in control on the slopes!

Maggie Xu
Finance director

I joined HPSC in 2014 with a thought to make new friends and a wish to spend winter time in a fun way. I started volunteering in finance because that is what I know in my real life. I didn’t expect to be elected as director in my first year, however, I decided to give it a try. As a new member I found the job was daunting, but the long term volunteer board members made my job easy and fun. I learnt a lot from them not only on how to run a club but also on how to ski like a pro. I am always impressed by their dedication and passion to truly make this club of the members, by the members, for the members. Now I have made a lot of wonderful friends here and learnt to love winter, beyond that, it also improved my professional experience as an accountant. I would love to have other accountant members join the finance portfolio and work as a team.

Bill Bates
Long trips director 

Stephen Bishop
Marketing director

I have been skiing for almost six decades, beginning with family downhill outings. I became a full-time, xcountry skier about 25 years ago and joined High Park five years ago. I wanted a more structured way to go skiing and I got far more than I bargained for – not just in skiing but in camaraderie and lasting friendships, too. I was asked to volunteer four years ago and was happy to join the team assisting Laura Shepherd, who was marketing director at the time. One of my duties from the start, which I’m still doing, is ensuring members get their bus vouchers when they recommend a new member. This is my first year as marketing director and I quickly learned I must rely on good volunteers to help make everything come together. Without exception, marketing volunteers go above and beyond the call of duty. A club is a group of people who come together because they share the same interests and goals. Anyone who joins and works with High Park volunteers will soon discover they are not just helping out, but getting even more value out of their club membership than they imagined.

Stella Rossovskia
Social director

During my journey with the club, I’ve progressed in downhill skiing from Level 0 to 007 – starting with the beginner chair at Mount St. Louis-Moonstone to conquering Les Trois Vallées, France – the world’s largest ski area. I’ve learned to ski, mostly during overnight bus trips, thanks to lessons from our amazing instructors. I volunteered for the club’s Long Trips Committee after my first trip and continue to work with the awesome team and lead overnight trips. Every year, I make dozens of new friends and my social and professional network is constantly growing. This is very important to me as new Canadian. In 2014, I was elected social director. During my first, two-year term, I organized the club’s 65th anniversary celebrations. In the coming year, I’ll continue to have fun with our stellar social team to plan and run events. Keep the party going – check out social events at hpsc.ca/social.

Sandi Hymers
Membership and volunteers director



I first joined High Park Ski Club for the sole purpose of going on a long trip. I was won over because I met so many really great people and had so much fun.  I have been a member ever since. I have always said I am a product of the ski school as I have taken many excellent lessons on the day trips. They have increased my enjoyment of the sport and given me the skills to challenge myself.  I am in the middle of my second term as the membership and volunteers director and look forward to what promises to be an exciting year for the club. I would like to see us continue to evolve to where snow lovers of all ages and ethnic backgrounds join us to learn to really enjoy winter sports. High Park is a club totally run by volunteers, which has always impressed me.  If you have even a few hours available to volunteer in a way that interests you, I would love to hear from you at volunteers@hpsc.ca.

Monica Sauer
Xcountry skiing & fitness director

I have been a High Park member since 2005 (although I was also a member as a downhill skier for a year back in the late '90s). I rejoined with a friend to do more Xcountry skiing and that is still mainly what I do with the club. By the end of our first season together, my friend and I were bus captains. I was helping with weekend coordinator duties the following year. I am currently in my second, two-year stint as Xcountry & fitness director. I volunteer because I've always been a volunteer; it's a great way to enrich your life and meet new people and give back to society. I like to encourage others to volunteer so they can get more out of the club and have fun while doing it; the tasks may be small, such as helping out on dinner trips, or large, such as being a bus captain or helping with finances or scheduling and running day trips or a long trip. I want to welcome new members to the club so they, too, can enjoy the camaraderie, fun, exercise, lessons and great food that are a part of the Xcountry program. I also want to keep people engaged through many years or decades of skiing or snowshoeing with the club.

Vivian Pallandi
Recording secretary