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Cross-Country Ski & Snowshoe day trips registration 


We are excited to ski and working hard to make that happen safely.

The experience will certainly be different this year. Please check out our blog for information on: how to register, drive ups, the bus experience, the resort experience, and lessons. Please get informed about our policies and procedures before registering for a day trip.

The provisional schedule (subject to change) is available here. Due to current public health guidelines, we are aiming to start our season on January 9, 2021. Registration will open on Dec. 28th, 2020 at 9 am for the January 9/10 trips. This is subject to change depending on the public health situation. We expect the government to provide an update on Dec. 21.

New members: There is a dramatic increase in interest in cross-country skiing this year. This could strain rental supplies at the resorts. Therefore, we will not be able to guarantee rental gear until we see how busy the resorts actually become. If possible, get your own gear, or bring snowshoes as a back up. We also have fewer instructors this year and will be offering a set number of lessons with a set number of students. We cannot guarantee a spot in lessons this year; if you want a lesson, be sure to sign up early.

Registration Instructions

  1. Sign in to your account.  
  2. Find the trip you want in the calendar below. (You can also switch to list view - see the top right hand corner). Trips will be opened for registration about two weeks in advance; the date is on the module description. There are two modules for every trip - one for bus participants and one for drive ups who wish to take lessons. Choose the one applicable to you.
  3. Click "Register"
  4. Register for the trip. Bus participants will pay for the bus, trail pass, and rentals (if needed) using your credit card, and answer questions about your pick-up location and lessons. Drive up participants will only sign up for lessons. You must pay for your trail pass and rentals at the resort.
  5. You will receive an email confirmation with your registration. This email is for informational purposes only. DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL - no one will receive it. 

Note: if you don't log in first, find the trip you want below, click register, and then you will have to provide the email you used when you registered for the club. Then you may proceed with registration. 

Registration closes at 6:00 pm on the Thursday before each trip. If the trip sells out early, we will enable the waiting list. 

To cancel a trip, you must email cancellations@hpsc.ca. Do not respond to the confirmation email. See our cancellation policies and procedures for more information. 

See the FAQ Page to answers for all other questions. If your question is not answered there, email crosscountry@hpsc.ca

No events available

30 Apr 2020 XC - Voucher Test
22 Mar 2020 N1934 - Highlands Nordic (Sunday) - CANCELLED
21 Mar 2020 N1933 - Mystery Destination, Hardwood or ?? (Saturday) - CANCELLED
15 Mar 2020 N1932 - Hardwood (Sunday) - CANCELLED
14 Mar 2020 N1931 - Kawartha Nordic (Saturday) - CANCELLED
01 Mar 2020 N1928 - Wasaga (Sunday)
29 Feb 2020 N1927 - Horseshoe [w/dinner] (Saturday)
23 Feb 2020 N1925 - Scenic Caves (Sunday)
22 Feb 2020 N1924 - Arrowhead (Saturday) - Potluck
16 Feb 2020 N1923 - Horseshoe (Sunday)
12 Feb 2020 N1921 - Mansfield (Wednesday)
09 Feb 2020 N1920 - Georgian Nordic (Sunday) - Potluck
08 Feb 2020 N1919 - Highlands/Kolapore (Saturday)
02 Feb 2020 N1918 - Horseshoe (Sunday)
01 Feb 2020 N1917 - Mansfield (Saturday)
26 Jan 2020 N1916 - Kawartha Nordic (Sunday)
25 Jan 2020 N1915 - Scenic Caves (Saturday) - Crossover Day Wine & Cheese
22 Jan 2020 N1914 - Highlands Nordic (Wednesday)
19 Jan 2020 N1913 - Arrowhead (Sunday) - Potluck
18 Jan 2020 N1912 - Wasaga (Saturday)
12 Jan 2020 N1911 - Hardwood Hills (Sunday - Test Drive Day) - CANCELLED
11 Jan 2020 N1910 - Horseshoe (Saturday - Test-Drive Day) - CANCELLED
08 Jan 2020 N1909 - Scenic Caves (Wednesday)
05 Jan 2020 N1908 - Scenic Caves (Sunday - Test-Drive Day)
04 Jan 2020 N1907 - Highlands Nordic (Saturday)
28 Dec 2019 N1906 - Scenic Caves (Saturday)
22 Dec 2019 N1905 - Scenic Caves (Sunday)
21 Dec 2019 N1904 - Hardwood Hills (Saturday)
15 Dec 2019 N1903 - Scenic Caves (Sunday)
14 Dec 2019 N1902 - Hardwood Hills (Saturday)
11 Mar 2018 W9 - Lake Placid, NY 2018 | 4-Day Bus Trip
16 Feb 2018 W6 - Laurentians X-Country P.Q. | 3-Day Bus Trip
16 Feb 2018 W5 - Mont Saint Anne, Quebec 2018 | 3-Day Bus Trip
28 Dec 2017 W2 - NEW YEARS 2018, Quebec City| 4-Day Bus Trip
28 Sep 2017 Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Charter Trips form & cheque night
17 Feb 2017 W5 - MONT SAINT ANNE, Quebec | 3-Day Bus Trip
17 Feb 2017 C4 Newfoundland Winter Carnival - 2017
30 Dec 2016 W2 - NEW YEARS 2017, Quebec City| 3-Day Bus Trip
26 Oct 2016 TRIP SIGN-UP #3
05 Oct 2016 TRIP SIGN-UP #2
29 Sep 2016 Annual general meeting & Trip Sign-Up #1

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