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Downhill Day Trips

To register for a day trip scheduled for the next week or so, click on the link (the trip name in blue) in the Upcoming Downhill Day Trips box below.  The calendar at the bottom of the page offers all trips open for registration.  You must be logged in as a member to register unless the trip is a Test Drive, where the public can view and register for the trip. 

Registration Deadlines:  Thursday 6 pm for Saturday, Sunday and Monday trips and 6 pm Monday for Wednesday trips.

Upcoming Downhill Day Trips

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Day Trip Updates

March 28, 2018:   That's it folks!  The Downhill day trips schedule is over for this season.

Check back next November and in the meantime visit the Homepage to find out about other Club events such as Election night, the year end Gala and the AGM in the fall. 

The Downhill Day Trip cancellation policy has changed for 2017/2018 - read it here.  

Don't get caught by surprise - read the other changes for 2017/2018 below.

Downhill Day Trips Welcome!

This page is directed towards downhill day trips, which includes both alpine skiing and snowboarding, but remember that HPSC offers a range of snow and social activities.  We hope you take the time to browse through the site.

Changes for 2017-2018

There have been a number of changes to our Downhill Day Trips for this season.

*Yonge and Eglinton Pickup.  The pickup has been moved south on Yonge St from the old location so it is now in front of the Starbucks at 2191 Yonge St on the East side of the street.  We've done this to avoid the construction around the former pickup location.

Cancellation Policy.  Downhill Day Trips has instituted a $10 no show for missed trips without timely cancellation.  This is in addition to not being refunded the bus portion of the trip.  Details are in the CANCELLATION POLICY.

Be My Guest.  You may bring a guest on select Downhill Day Trips (or select Nordic Trips).  Trips for which the Be My Guest Policy applies are listed in both the Downhill and Nordic Day Trip Schedules.  Further information is at Be my Guest Days and Test Drives.

Senior lift tickets.  MSLM now offers HPSC members 65 years of age and plus (65+) who travel with the bus a seniors rate.  Blue also offers us a senior rate, but you must be 70+.  As well, Beaver Valley has graciously also offered a senior rate for those 50+.  We won't ask you to prove your age, but we expect members not to take advantage when requesting a senior ticket.  If you take a senior ticket for MSLM, you cannot also take the beginner rental package, that requires a regular priced ticket.

Added information on the Downhill Day Trips schedule.  The Downhill Day Trips schedules are available here.  As much information has been added as could be crammed in.  Snow School programs , ticket prices, guest trips, departure times (always subject to change) and more so you can plan your winter and make the most of your HPSC membership.    

Drive up registrations.   Members who drive themselves and would like to take a lesson use a separate registration page.  The link is available from the main trip registration page.  The online registration is free and it ensures Snow School has enough instructors on hand.  If you do not preregister, you may be refused participation in a lesson or program.  Remember, you are responsible for your own lift ticket and can't get the HPSC group rate (or HPSC senior rate).  For Wednesday trips to the private escarpment clubs, you must register as a drive up even if you don't take a lesson as you are added to a list provided to the resort - no registration, no lift ticket!

Is ? going on that trip.  You can now see who has already registered for a Day Trip.  On the  left on a trip's main registration page is a link to a list of members who have agreed to display their name.  When registering, the last question you will be asked is if you would like your name to be shown. The box is checked by default, so if you do not want your name displayed, you must uncheck the box and opt out.  You will be listed as "anonymous" if you do opt out.  Note that although the registration process states that your name is made available to the public, only members who are logged in will be able to see the participant list.  You are able to visit the registration page at any time to view this information.

New Pickup Points on selected trips.  On select day weekend day trips to the South Lodge at Blue, we are once again offering he new pickup point route of Yonge/Davenport, Indian Rd and Hwys 7 and 400.  The trips are identified in the schedule.

Bloor and Indian Road Pickup.  We will only use the north side location of the Bloor and Indian Road pickup point for all Downhill Day Trips by the Midas Muffler at 1600 Bloor St W (see map here).  In the past, we'd also used a location on the south side but are discontinuing that practice.

Bay and Queen's Quay Pickup. 
 Bay and Queen's Quay is a pickup location on the Saturday trips to Mt. St. Louis and Blue Mtn for January and February and the first weekend in March.  There is a reasonable expectation that we will be able to run a two bus trip on these days.  However, if we run only one bus, we will not use this pickup and you will have to make your way to another pickup point.  The information will be in the trip status email sent to registrants and on the trip status page once registration has closed and the buses are ordered.

Planned Departure Times for Day Trips.  We've published the planned departure times for the pickup locations and also the departure times from the hill here.  This is to assist you in your planning, but always check the Downhill Day Trips Status page to verify trip status, departure times and other important trip information.

Downhill Day Trip? 

A downhill day trip, sometimes simply referred to as taking the bus, is a one day trip to either the Barrie or Collingwood area on a Saturday, Sunday, Monday or Wednesday.  Luxury coach transportation is provided by Pacific Western.


One of the great benefits of joining the High Park Ski Club (HPSC) is that your membership allows you to take as many lessons as you want during the season – FOR FREE.  HPSC Snow School provides lessons on almost all day trips.  In addition to regular lessons, Snow School also offers a great variety of Ski and Boarding series where you ski with the same group and instructor for a number of days and focus on specific goals. 

Full information about Alpine (Ski) lessons can be found on the Downhill lessons page accessed under “Lessons” tab in the menu bar at the top of the page.  Information about Snowboard lessons and series can also be found under the “Lessons” tab.  

Don’t forget that as a HPSC member, you can go on any day trip and take lessons, when available, in any of the winter activities – Alpine Skiing, Snowboarding, Cross-Country (XC) and Snowshoeing. 

Can I drive up on my own and still get a group lift ticket and take a lesson?

While we’d like you to join us on the bus, there are times when plans mean you’ll arrive at the ski resort on your own.  We call this being a “drive-up”.  Unfortunately, HPSC can’t provide you with a group lift ticket but you can still join in on a lesson.  In order to make sure we have enough instructors on hand, you must still register for a lesson through the registration process.

What other activities are available on Day Trips?

HPSC offers a number of après-ski and social events on Day Trips.  These trips are a great way to get together with other club members.  Check the schedule for information about those trips.


The Snow School organizes downhill races for skiers and boarders on most Saturday trips to Mt St Louis in January and February.  It’s a great way to practice your skills and all participants are eligible for weekly prize draws.  If you’re in a lesson, your instructor will take you to the race course and give you some tips before you run the gates.  Further details are available under the Racing option on the “Downhill Lessons - Ski Programs” from the menu at the top of the page

How do I register for a Downhill Day Trip?

When you join the club, you were given both a username and password and you will need those to register for a trip.  Although the full season schedule is visible to everyone on the Day Trips page, you must log in as a member in order to register for a day trip.

There are two ways to choose the trip that you’d like to register for.  Trips that are scheduled for the next week or two are listed in the “Upcoming Events” box near the top of the page.  The Calendar at the bottom of the page will display all trips that are currently available for registration in our system.  Not all trips to the end of the season will be available in the Calendar, but you can generally book about a month ahead.

Click on the trip that interests you and follow the links and follow the instructions to register. You will be asked to answer a few questions (to help us plan the activities you want to choose) and to select (and pay for) the bus, trail and rentals (if needed) fees, using your credit card.

Remember that registration closes at 6:00 pm on the Thursday before a Saturday, Sunday or Monday trip and at 6:00 pm on the Monday before a Wednesday trip.  As trips can sometimes sell out it’s best to book earlier than just before the deadline.

 When you’ve successfully completed the registration process, you’ll receive an email confirmation, which you can print and bring with you on the trip (as proof of payment).

Can I cancel a booking?

If you can’t make the trip you’ve booked, you can cancel by sending an email to cancellations@hpsc.ca.  Please read over the Downhill Cancellation Policy which can be found here.

I missed the registration deadline - can I still go?

When checking the trip status, you will notice that some trips allow “walk ons”. We always encourage members to register for the trip online before the deadline as we have to order buses and Snow School has to match instructors to expected demand. But we sometimes find ourselves with some extra seats on the bus. Those seats are offered to members at the same prices as for online registration and members literally walk on to the bus and pay for the trip in cash (exact amount would be great).

If walk ons are allowed, the prices will be posted on the trip status page.  We'll also let you know if you can walk at any pickup location or only the last location at Highways 7 and 400. If you do walk on when there is no space for you, you will be asked to leave the bus before we depart the Highways 7 and 400 location.

In the past, we tried to discourage the practice of walking on by setting a walk on fee.  We recognize that members occasionally legitimately cannot make a commitment to a trip prior to the registration deadline and no longer charge such a fee.

Trip status and pickup location and times?

Trip registration closes at 6 pm on Thursdays for Saturday, Sunday and Monday trips and at 6 pm Mondays for Wednesday trips.  As quickly as we can, we post the trip status (go/no go) and pickup location times if the trip is a go.  We plan to send out email notices to trip registrants, but until we get that running, check the “Downhill Day Trip Status” page which is a menu choice in the "Downhill Registration" menu under Day Trips.  Alas, the SnoPhone is no longer available.

Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes earlier than the scheduled pick up time.  Once the departure time arrives and the bus is ready to roll, it goes.

What if I am a no-show on a trip?

If, for some reason, you can’t make the trip, you become what we call a no-show.  Unfortunately we can’t offer a full refund but we will refund you the lift ticket portion of the trip cost but also charge  you an additional $10 no show fee.  Refer to the Downhill Cancellation Policy which can be found as a menu option under Downhill Registration option from Day Trips in the menu bar. 

I’m on the bus, now what?

Each HPSC bus is managed by a Group Leader or Bus Captain.  They will be able to answer most questions you might have and will make important announcements about the Snow School meeting times and other activities.  They will also remind you to be on the bus promptly for departure from the hill.

Have fun, ski and ride with care and enjoy the winter with HPSC!

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