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Downhill Day Trip Departure Times

These are the PLANNED Downhill Day Trip departure times from the GTA and from the hills.  Plan to be at the pickup location at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure.  This information is subject to change without notice and may vary on the number of buses, destination changes, weather effects and other factors.  

Always check the Downhill Day Trip Status page to ensure the trip is trip is on, how many buses it will have and to confirm the pickup locations and the pickup times.    Pickup locations are described here.

Mount St Louis Moonstone (MSLM) 

These trips may be one or two bus trips:

One bus trip:

 Bloor/Indian Rd.  7:00 AM
 7:30 AM
 Yonge/York Mills  7:40 AM
 Hwys 7/400  8:00 AM

Two Bus Trip:

Bus 1

Bay and Queen's Quay  7:00 AM
Bloor/Indian Rd.
 7:30 AM
Hwys 7/400  8:00 AM

Bus 2

Yonge/Eglinton  7:30 AM
Yonge/York Mills
 7:40 AM
Hwys 7/400  8:00 AM

Standard MSLM trips depart the hill at 4:30 PM.  The Mix and Mingle trip departs MSLM at 10:00 PM.

Bay and Queen's Quay  7:00 AM
Bloor/Indian Rd.
 7:30 AM
Hwys 7/400  8:00 AM

Blue Mountain - South Lodge, and ALL Monday and Wednesday trips (Blue Mtn and all Private Resorts)

 Bloor/Indian Rd.  6:45 AM
 7:15 AM
 Yonge/York Mills  7:25 AM
 Hwys 7/400  7:45 AM

All these Collingwood area trips depart the hill at 4:00 PM.

Blue Mountain South Lodge Apres Dinner trips depart the hill for Mylar and Loretta's in Singhampton at 4:30 PM and depart for the GTA at 7:30 PM.

MSLM and Blue Mountain - South Lodge - SLEEP In SUNDAYS

 Bloor/Indian Rd.  10:00 AM
 10:30 AM
 Yonge/York Mills  10:40 AM
 Hwys 7/400  11:00 AM

These trips depart either MSLM or Blue at 7:00 PM.

The return drop-off route is the reverse of the pickup route with Hwys 7/400 being the first drop-off point.  In ideal conditions, plan to arrive at Hwys 7/400 about one and a quarter hours after departing MSLM and about one and a half hours after departing Blue Mtn and the Collingwood area.  The bus then runs the route in reverse with approximately the same time between drop-off locations as for pickups.

Always check the Downhill Day Trips Status page starting about two hours after registration closes.  it is your responsibility to get to the bus on time.

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