High Park Ski Club

Race #3 – Guenther’s Grind vs. Patroller’s

HPSC headed to Horseshoe Valley for Race #3! Eighteen racers tackled one of two courses – an advanced course that included Guenther’s Grind, and a more relaxed beginner’s route that took in Patroller’s. Excellent snow conditions – lots of it! – but we were treated to ice pellets mid race.

Congratulations to Jean-Emile Paraiso, Charles Ma, Tao Liang, and Allison You on their wins!

Name Time
Skate - Advanced
Jean-Emile Paraiso 14.20
Michael Li 16.49
George Naray 18.06
Theresa Tomczyk 18.24
Carine Wood 37.40
Skate - Beginner
Allison You 14.33
Ivy Liao 15.36
Brige Chugh 21.00
Classic - Advanced
Charles Ma 14.59
Andrew Osmond 17.37
Ron Duffy 18.03
Andreas Gierke 18.52
Tairin Qin 19.56
Ray Schneider 30.48
Classic - Beginner
Tao Liang 18.17
Bridget Martens 19.07
Paul Dover 20.50
Carol Collinson 22.44
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