High Park Ski Club

Members are responsible for arranging their own Trip Cancellation and Medical Insurance.

When you sign up for a HPSC Charter Trip, you will be offered the opportunity to purchase Cancellation and Medical Insurance for that trip by the Tour Operator. You will be asked during Stage 2 Registration to indicate whether you accept or decline the insurance.

Many members will choose to purchase trip insurance at the time of sign-up.

Others will have an alternate form of trip insurance:

  • through their credit card;
  • through an Annual Plan from an insurance company (a cost savings for those taking multiple trips);
  • through benefits from their employer.

* Note:  not all credit card plans or benefits through employer offer Trip Cancellation - check your documentation to be sure

HPSC Strongly Recommends That You Have Some Form Of Insurance Coverage.

If you do not have insurance, and you need to cancel your trip, you will be subject to the timelines of the Cancellation Policy for that trip. This means that if you are within a certain number of days before the trip, you may get only a partial refund or no refund at all. This is because at this point in time the service providers (hotels, airlines, etc.) will not be giving a refund to the tour operators or HPSC, and therefore unable to pass a refund back to you.

Neither HPSC Nor The Tour Operator Will Refund Any Lost Payments Not Covered By Insurance.

We all look forward to our ski trips. No-one wants to think that they may be injured and unable to go. Nor do we want to think we may get injured while on the trip and need medical attention in a foreign country where medical costs can be very high. Please consider carefully the financial risk you are taking should you choose not to purchase insurance. High Park Ski Club reserves the right to refuse a trip application when proof of insurance is not provided.

Tour Operator Insurance Offerings:

Note - rates subject to change, please confirm the rates with your Tour Operator before writing your cheque!

All-Inclusive Travel Insurance is available to protect from loss of non-refundable cancellation penalties when such cancellation is for medical reasons. A doctor’s certificate must be presented to the insurance company for reimbursement.  This insurance covers trip cancellation, baggage delay and coverage, trip interruption, medical emergencies not covered by your government health plan.  Pre-existing conditions may invalidate this policy, please ask for details.  Full insurance details are available, and will also be provided with purchase of an insurance policy.