High Park Ski Club

Volunteering at HPSC

As a way of recognizing the core volunteers who spent a large amount of time and effort during the past season, a Volunteer Appreciation dinner was held at the Hot House Café. The Volunteer Award winners were announced at this event and presented with award certificates and discount coupons towards their membership fee as prizes.

Another perk that volunteers can receive is a social/daytrip voucher for every 10 hours they volunteer.

Click here to view Volunteer Positions (must be logged in) or email volunteers@hpsc.ca for more information.

Since so many volunteers made a significant contribution, we presented multiple awards for some categories. We are pleased to announce that the award winners for the 2012/13 season are:

Volunteer of the Year (Gold) - Howard Gibson and Donna Gill
Volunteer of the Year (Silver) - Andreas Gierke, Randy Snyder, Karen Hatchard
Volunteer of the Year (Bronze) - Helen Heurter, Borys Lenko, Karine Van Driessche
New Member (Rookie) Volunteer - Beth Scannell and Susan Gillingham
Special Recognition Award - Kiron Vaghela