High Park Ski Club

Click here to download a printable version of the schedule (Updated Nov. 9th, 2017)

High Park Ski Club X-Country /Snowshoeing Day Trip Schedule 2017 - 2018 as of Nov. 9, 2017

Date Trip No. Destination Events Guests Allowed?
Sat. Dec 9 N01 Horseshoe Valley Combined with Downhill at Mt. St. Louis Yes
Sat. Dec 16 N02 Hardwood Hills Combined with Downhill; No lessons Yes
Sat. Dec 30 N03 Scenic Caves Holiday Trip – Champagne at the resort; Guided snowshoeing No
Sat. Jan 6 N04 Horseshoe Valley Beginner's Day No
Sun. Jan 7 N05 Scenic Caves Test Drive Day; Guided snowshoeing Yes
Sat. Jan 13 N06 Highlands Nordic Test Drive Day; Silver Plus (Classic); Guided snowshoeing Yes
Sun. Jan 14 N07 Hardwood Hills Beginner's Series (Day 1 of 3); Race #1-Welcome back Frisbee Biathlon No
Sat. Jan 20 N08 Horseshoe Valley Bronze Skate Series (Day 1 of 3); Guided snowshoeing
Dinner at Amiche (late return); Race #2-Freestyle
Sun. Jan 21 N09 Wasaga Beginner's Series (Day 2 of 3); Tips & Tricks (Skate) No
Sat. Jan 27 N10 Scenic Caves Crossover Day; Guided snowshoeing; Bronze Skate Series (Day 2 of 3);
Race #3-Crossover Day Relay
Sun. Jan 28 N11 Highlands Nordic Beginner's Series (Day 3 of 3); Silver Plus (Skate); Race #4-Freestyle No
Sat. Feb 3 N12 Hardwood Hills Bronze Skate Series (Day 3 of 3); Tips & Tricks (Classic) No
Sun. Feb 4 N13 Arrowhead Silver Skate Series (Day 1 of 2); Guided snowshoeing; Pot Luck on the way home No
Sat. Feb 10 N14 Highlands/Kolapore Lessons & rentals at Highlands; Guided snowshoeing;
Guided ski touring at Kolapore; Dinner at Mylar & Loreta's (late return)
Sun. Feb 11 N15 Horseshoe Valley Silver Skate Series (Day 2 of 2); Death by Chocolate No
Sun. Feb 18 N16 Horseshoe Valley Family Day trip (no Saturday trip); Tips & Tricks (Skate) Yes
Sat. Feb 24 N17 Georgian Nordic Pot Luck on the way home; Guided snowshoeing No
Sun. Feb 25 N18 Mansfield Tips & Tricks (Classic) Yes
Sat. Mar 3 N19 Wasaga Race#5-The Wasaga Pine Trail (Classic) Yes
Sun. Mar 4 N20 Georgian Nordic Pot Luck on the way home; Guided snowshoeing No
Sat. Mar 10 N21 Arrowhead Pot Luck on the way home No
Sun. Mar 11 N22 Scenic Caves Yes
Sat. Mar 17 N23 Scenic Caves St. Patrick's Day Yes
Sun. Mar 18 N24 Highlands Nordic Yes
Sat. Mar 24 N25 Hardwood Hills Yes