High Park Ski Club

X-Country Day Trip Cancellation Policy

Deadline - We must receive your cancellation for a weekend day trip (Saturday or Sunday) before 8:00 pm on the Wednesday before the departure of the trip, in order to provide a full refund. Requests to cancel after this time cannot be accepted and will result in a no-show (meaning the bus fee portion of your booking will not be refunded - see No-show details below).

Procedure - You can no longer cancel yourself online (as was possible in the past). To cancel a day trip registration, send an e-mail to cancellations@hpsc.ca before the deadline noted above. Kindly note the trip number, the destination and your name in the subject line - then repeat that info in the e-mail body, along with the Invoice Number from the registration e-mail you received. You will receive a cancellation notice by e-mail. Please do not e-mail other club addresses or call/ leave a message to the club by phone - only the e-mail address noted above will be accepted.

Cancelled Trip - If a day trip is cancelled by High Park Ski Club, a full refund of the day trip will be issued to you. You will receive a cancellation notice by email.

Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for your refund to be processed.

Note - If the cancellation refund does not appear on your credit card statement, please send an email to crosscountry@hpsc.ca with your name, member number, trip number, date and amount owing to you. Make sure to indicate “Refunds” in the subject line.

No-shows - Our day trip costing is based on a minimum number of people showing up for the bus. Whether you show up or not, we get charged for the bus. This is why we do not refund the bus fee to no-shows. To avoid losing the bus fee (if you cannot attend the trip), please cancel per the instructions and deadline noted above. After that time, the bus fee becomes non-refundable. However, you will get a refund for the trail fee and any rental charges.

Bus vouchers - Bus vouchers are sometimes given to club members as a reward for volunteer work or for referring a new member to the club. They can be used toward the bus cost for a day trip during the current season. You can redeem a bus voucher when registering for a day trip by checking the appropriate box int he registration module. You must then present the paper bus voucher to the Bus Captain on the bus. If you do not present the voucher, you will be required to pay the cost of the bus seat immediately to the Bus Captain. Vouchers are not refundable and have no cash value. They can only be used during the current season.

Outstanding balances - Online booking will be denied to any member who has monies owing to the Club. Online privileges will be restored upon receipt of payment of outstanding monies. HPSC reserves the right to change the resort destination if snow conditions are poor at that resort or if the resort is closed. PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE DUE TO FUEL SURCHARGES.

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