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Winter sports enthusiasts dream of big mountains and snow covered peaks. But where to go, what's the best time of year, where to stay, who can I go with? All important pieces to a great trip and luckily the High Park Ski Club has decades of putting them all together into amazing experiences.

Long Trip Member Policies 2019

Participation in multi-day bus and charter trips (long trips) is restricted to members in good standing, whose trip registration is accepted by the trip leader, who have paid all associated charges, and who adhere to the high park ski club (hpsc) code of conduct and policies.

Below is a list of Member Long Trip responsibilities and related policies.

Member Responsibilities:


  • Members must read and understand the trip description and inclusions in advance of booking their trip.
  • Members may organize any personal side trips or outings that do not conflict with the published itinerary.
  • All members are required to follow the guidance of the trip leader.
  • Members are responsible for their own health, safety, security, and well-being.
  • If a member experiences individual issues with suppliers (i.e. lost luggage, room not cleaned, or item left on the bus), the member will communicate directly with the supplier for resolution.


  • Bus Departure Time: Members must arrive at least 15 minutes before the specified departure time for bus loading, and allow additional time for car parking and to pay parking fees. Do not be late, as the bus will not wait.
  • Charter Trip Departure Time: For air travel, check your travel documents and carrier information.

HPSC is not responsible for members who miss transportation at any time during a trip, at departure points, rest stops, transfers, or shuttles. Should this occur, the member is responsible for any cost related to re-joining the trip or returning home and will not be reimbursed by the club.


  • Insurance: Members are responsible for arranging their own Trip Cancellation and Medical insurance. Insurance documents should be carried with you at all times during the trip.
  • Emergency Contact: Members must ensure that the emergency contact named on their trip signup form is aware of their travel, and has copies of their insurance and travel documents. In the event of an emergency, the member, or their emergency contact, is responsible for notifying and working with the member’s insurance company. They are also responsible for making any arrangements should the member need or decide to leave a trip early.
  • Travelling Outside of Canada: Every traveler must take the initiative to determine which documents are needed for him or her to enter the destination country based upon his or her citizenship or place of residence. Members must have their documentation ready prior to departure. HPSC will not be responsible for members left at the border or airport due to documentation issues.

Long Trip Instruction

  • HPSC downhill instructors provide guided skiing on overnight bus trips for members certified at Step 4 or above. Members who do not meet this requirement may arrange instruction with the resort at their own cost.
  • HPSC cross-country ski lessons or guided snowshoeing may be provided on select bus trips. Members should check the trip description for details.
  • HPSC instructors are not on charter trips, unless specified in the trip description. Members may arrange instruction with the resort at their own cost.


  • Hotel and condo bedding is arranged to give priority to members who register first.
  • Roommates: If a member does not specify a roommate on the trip application, a same-gender roommate will be assigned. If a member cannot be matched with a roommate, a single supplement may be offered or their full payment will be refunded.
  • Single Supplement: It is important for both roommates to enjoy their holiday, including the opportunity for restful sleep. Members who snore loudly, sleepwalk, or have habits that may be disconcerting or disruptive to others, should sign up as a single and pay the single supplement. The trip leader or Director of Long Trips may require a member to take and pay for a single supplement in response to previous member complaints.
  • Check Out Policy: Members must clear all room charges and be checked out of their rooms by the designated time. Any room charges, late check-out, or damage fees are the member’s responsibility.
  • Dietary Requirements: As a courtesy, the trip leader will attempt to accommodate dietary requests noted on the registration form. HPSC and the trip leader cannot be held responsible if these requests cannot be fulfilled. Members who have special dietary requirements should make their own arrangements in case the hotel cannot provide it.

Related Policies

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) for Cheques: The club charges a $25.00 NSF fee. If a member has an NSF charge, the fee and all subsequent trip payments must be paid by money order, certified cheque or credit card. Members with two NSF charges during a membership year will require pre-approval from the Director of Long Trips to participate in future long trips.

Trip Cancellation: HPSC reserves the right to cancel a trip at any time.

For Charter Trips:

  • Consult the tour operator for their cancellation and forfeiture conditions and requirements.

For Bus Trips:

  • Members may cancel up to 45 days before the trip departure date for a full refund less $100.00
  • Should a member cancel between 45 and 8 days before the trip departure date, and a replacement participant is found and payment made, the member will receive a full refund less $200.00. If these conditions are not met, there will be no refund.
  • Should a member cancel within 7 days of the trip departure date, there will be no refund. Regardless of whether the member is replaced or not, there is no refund of any amount.
  • All unused accommodation, lift tickets, meals, transportation and any other part of the trip package are not deductible and not refundable.

Discretion To Refuse A Trip Application: The Long Trips Director may refuse a trip application from any member who they consider poses undue risk to the club, or is known to disrupt or impair the full and safe enjoyment of a trip by other members.

Discretion To Dismiss A Participant: The trip leader or Director of Long Trips has the right to dismiss any participant at any time during a trip, without a refund, who, in his or her sole opinion, acts without regard for the safety of others, does not adhere to the club code of conduct or policies, disrupts or impairs the full and safe enjoyment of a trip by other participants, or who otherwise fails to comply with reasonable requests made by the trip leader or HPSC suppliers. A participant is dismissed following verbal or written notice from the trip leader or Director of Long Trips. Following notice, the participant is barred from further involvement in any part of the trip and forfeits receipt of related services including but not limited to transportation, accommodation, meals, lift tickets and the trip package. A dismissed participant is solely responsible, at his or her own expense, for arranging return transportation, accommodation and services.

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