High Park Ski Club


Race Weekend 2017

A full weekend of racing - a new HPSC XC tradition is born!

After being thwarted by the weather the previous weekend, we held our second and third races the weekend of January 28-29.

Saturday featured our traditional Crossover Day Relay Race at Highlands Nordic. Winter finally returned with below zero temperatures, a bit of an icy track, and some snow squalls through the day. Participants were put in teams of two, with one partner conquering the 2.7km yellow loop and then tagging in their teammate to bring it home on the 800m blue loop. See below for the freestyle results (one classic/one skate skier) and the classic results (two classic skiers). Points are also awarded for individual times and count towards the classic and skate individual standings.

Sunday saw a return to individual racing at Hardwood Hills. Lots of fresh snow on the trails made for slower times, but happy skiers. We met at the posts (where there was even a nice fire!) and eleven racers flew around the 2.5km Sochi loop. The skate category was a battle between Jean-Emile and Charles and we expect the rivalry to continue throughout the season. Michael set a blistering pace to win the classic category. See the tables on the right for full results, and click here to see the updated individual standings.

Thanks to everyone who participated! 

Highlands Nordic Relay Race

Name Time
Freestyle Relay
Jean-Emile Paraïso & Theo Kempe 17.38
Andrew Mahoney & Nathalie Vacaresse 18.51
Andreas Gierke & Tim Wood 19.05
Ivy Liao & Chee Ling Chong 27.20
Classic Relay
David Cloutier & Helen Huerter 20.57
Lisa Paulson & Sonia Dyett 22.38
Anna Taratuta & Nicole Pepper 22.42

Hardwood Hills Individual Race

Name Time
Jean-Emile Paraïso 11.37
Charles Ma 12.07
Wei Guan 14.44
Michael Li 13.45
Heather Steel 17.17
Mike Tan 17.20
Tim Wood 17.55
Yiuyin Chang 17.56
Paul B. Yi 19.07
Carine Wood 19.11
Josie Li 20.16
Kathleen Lau 20.23
Tao Liang 22.14