High Park Ski Club

Race #2 – The Pine Trail Classic

HPSC headed to Wasaga Beach for Race #2! Eleven racers tackled the lovely Pine Trail, which winds and rolls its way through…the pine trees. Conditions were spring like with slick, soft snow in the afternoon, which led to blistering fast times!

Congratulations to Paul Dover on his win, and a special shout out to the new members who participated – Antony, Siofradh, David and Carol. Hope to see you again!

*Note: shortened course (Antony and Fiona)

Name Time Points
Paul Dover 18.34 10
Regina Eiras 20.34 8.9
Elaine Rennet 23.21 7.8
Sonia Dyett 24.52 6.7
Nicole Pepper 26.52 5.6
Siofradh McMahon 27.17 4.4
David Ball 27.5 3.3
David Callum 28.01 2.2
Carol Collinson 30.13 1.1
Antony Bickerson* 16.16 1
Fiona Bower* 17.29 0.5
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