High Park Ski Club

If you are paying for your charter trip by credit card you will send this form to the Trip Leader who will submit it to the tour operator for your trip.

Charter Trip Credit Card form

Download Credit Card form

To download and print the credit card form for charter trip payments, follow this link Credit Card Form. It is in PDF format so be sure you have a PDF reader installed to view. You can type directly into the fields before printing or print the form and fill it in by hand.

Complete only 1 copy of this form which will be given to the Tour Operator and not retained by the Trip Leader. 

Submission Options

  1. Mail it to the Trip Leader's home address. Do not mail it to the clubhouse.
  2. To email the form to the Trip Leader, fill in the form, sign it, scan it into your computer, and email to the Trip Leader's email address on the website.

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