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Winter sports enthusiasts dream of big mountains and snow covered peaks. But where to go, what's the best time of year, where to stay, who can I go with? All important pieces to a great trip and luckily the High Park Ski Club has decades of putting them all together into amazing experiences.

Charter Trips 2022

2022 Western Canada, US & Europe Trips

Charter trips will follow all safety protocols in order to protect our members as much as possible from contracting coronavirus during a trip. Travel will be adjusted due to social distancing, face masks and hygiene principles during travel and at the resorts. Regulations may change prior to your trip or while on the trip, either at the departure point or at the resort. No matter what the changes may be, HPSC will have safety as top of mind.

Note that if you are signing up for an charter trip this season, you need to take the responsibility to keep informed of Canadian and local destination Covid testing and documentation requirements. At this time Canada requires a PCR test within 72 hours of return to Canada. This regulation may change in the months to come. In any case, testing is at member cost and is incremental to the listed price of the trip. Members are responsible to arrange for any trip cancellation and medical insurance and need to ensure they understand the specific exclusions of their policies.

As always, travel insurance is STRONGLY recommended for all trips. For charter trips, you can purchase from the tour operator a travel insurance policy covering cancellation due to medical conditions, and covering medical expenses while you are away. You can also add on to this policy, "Cancel For Any Reason" insurance (CFAR) which allows you to cancel at any time, or for any reason. CFAR is available on all trips for an added fee as specified in the descriptions.

For a bit of added coverage for Serre Chevalier and St. Moritz, your trip price includes Club Med basic hospital/medical insurance which is “emergency out-of-country medical insurance”. Trip cancellation before departure is not covered by Club Med insurance, nor are trip interruption costs due to Covid19. This insurance is included with your booking for all guests staying at a Club Med Village. For specific details you may request a detailed insurance policy outlining specifics of coverage pdf. 

For air travel, it is each member's individual responsibility to check all travel documents and airline carrier for departure information. Every member is advised to consult the airline's website and the country of destination website at least 2 weeks in advance of departure, and regularly thereafter until departure, for any Covid19 related regulations that may impact the member's ability to board the flight and successfully enter the country.

Here is what you will get on every charter trip except as noted in the description:

  • Everything organized for you
  • Group hotel prices
  • Group lift ticket prices
  • Transportation to/from resort
  • Daily itinerary
  • Option for single room
  • Breakfast included on some trips
  • People to ski with at your own skill level
  • Après-ski with a group
  • Meeting friendly people
  • Experienced and knowledgeable supervisor

Signing up for a trip

Signing up for a trip is by online registration. After you login, click on the links below to register for the trip of your choice. Registration continues until the trip is sold out. You must join the club and pay the membership fee for the current season to be eligible to register. Per HPSC policy stated on the homepage, you will not be able to register for any charter or overnight trip unless you are fully vaccinated and have submitted your proof to HPSC. An attempt on your part to circumvent this policy will result in complete forfeiture of your deposit.

We welcome non-member’s enquiries about our long trips program. Non-members wanting information can email longtrips@hpsc.ca. You must become a HPSC member to participate in our trips. Current members with questions about a particular trip can access the Trip Leader page (you must first login), click here.

On this page are charter trips with airline travel out west or to Europe. For shorter trips of 2 to 5 days duration with travel by bus, refer to the OVERNIGHT TRIPS page.

To sign up for a trip, you must first login < email address + password >, then click in the table below on one of the click here links to get to the trip page where a "Register" button will be displayed. If you see a “Join Waitlist” button instead of the “Register” button, do not think that you have missed out. Go ahead and add your name to the waitlist; there is no cost to do so. We try to accommodate everybody on the waitlists by obtaining more space on each trip. You could also get a seat when there is a cancellation, which happens from time to time. Signup Procedures & Dates.

Charter Airline Trips

Date Cost (per person dble occ) Add for Single Room 
 C1 Serre Chevalier (Club Med), France 2022:  click here,   TSUN#1Jan 29-Feb 6, 2022 $3,220$700
C2 Panorama, BC 2022:  click here,  TSUN #2 Feb 5-12, 2022 $1,710 $520
C3 Banff, AB 2022:  click here,   TSUN #2

Feb 13-20, 2022

$1,750 $660
C4 Sun Peaks, BC 2022:  click here,   TSUN #2 Feb 28-Mar 7, 2022 $2,010 $535
C5 St Moritz (Club Med), Switzerland 2022:   clickhere,  TSUN#2 Mar 12-20, 2022 $3,160 $565
C6 Taos, NM 2022:  click here,   TSUN #2 Mar 19-26, 2022 $2,385 $425 

Signing up for a trip

Signing up for trips is by online registration. Registration continues 24 hrs a day until the trip is sold out. You must join the club and pay the membership fee for the current season to be eligible to register. 

We welcome non-member’s enquiries about our long trips program. Non-members wanting information can email longtrips@hpsc.ca. You must become a HPSC member to participate in our trips.

Members who have a question about a particular trip can login at any time and view the contact page contact information : 
Login > OUR TRIPS > CHARTER TRIPS 2022 > Trip Contacts 2022.
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