High Park Ski Club

At High Park Ski Club we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of activities to appeal to the breadth of our members' interests. So on top of our regular ski school programs, we offer a variety of different ways to enjoy a daytrip. This includes test drive days, socials, sleep-in days and socials with other GTA ski clubs

Bring a Friend Policy

Below are the details regarding our Club's policy for Bring a Friend days. They outline the requirements of the member (Host) as well as the rules around bring guests on day trips.

  1. A guest may accompany a Member Host once a year on any ski, snowboard or snowshoe day trip designated as a Friend Day. Guests must be 21 years of age or older.
  2. A guest may participate in one day trip a year, even if they know multiple member hosts or participate in multiple sports
  3. A Member Host may bring three guests per designated trip. A Member Host may take advantage of guest days as many times as they wish throughout the season. A Member Host may bring different guests on different guest days throughout the season
  4. The Member Host must accompany their guest(s) on the day trip and on the bus
  5. The Member Host must register and pay for their guest's bus and lift fees through our website, as well as the per guest fee. In the 2019-2020 season, the standard per guest fee is $20.00. The guest fee may vary based on the event. Normal club cancellation policies and fees apply to guest registrations
  6. To ensure that Members have first opportunity on day trips, members may register themselves on the trip at any time until the usual registration cut off. Member Hosts may register their guest(s) for:
    - Weekend and Monday trips from Wednesday at 12:01 A.M. (just past midnight) up until the usual registration cutoff
    - Wednesday trips from Sunday at 12:01 A.M. (just past midnight) up until the usual registration cutoff
  7. The Member Host must print the club waiver and bring it to the bus for their guest(s) to sign and submit to the bus captain. A link to the waiver will be provided in the trip confirmation email. Guests without a signed waiver will be refused participation. Please help our volunteer bus captains by coming prepared
  8. The Member Host will act as a club ambassador and ensure that their guest abides by the club code of conduct and other facility and sport guidelines
  9. The club does not allow guests to participate in day trips or lessons if they drive to the location. All guests must be registered and on the day trip bus, accompanied by their Member Host
  10. This policy may be amended at any time with notification to HPSC members through our usual club publication.
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