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High Park Ski Club

Cross-Country Ski & Snowshoe day trips registration 

Update: March 26

And our season has come to an end! Despite a challenging weather season, we ran 18 trips and had lots of fun. Check back here for updates in the fall. You can expect more of the same great trips, starting December 30 and running every Saturday and Sunday until the snow disappears in March. The schedule will be posted in November and the first trips will be open for registration around December 18.

For those considering joining us, we run the most XC trips of any of the Toronto based ski clubs and we have the largest ski school, meaning we can offer classic and skate lessons on every trip. We also offer guided snowshoeing on most trips. Join us and make the most of winter!

Registration Overview

Schedule: Our schedule is available here.The schedule is subject to change due to weather, illness, and other circumstances outside our control. (Note: with the increasingly unpredictable weather, the schedule often changes, and we don't update it here. Changes are communicated above (in the updates), by email, on our Facebook page etc.). The schedule here gives you an idea of what we hope will happen in the season!

Deadlines: Registration closes at 6:00 pm on the Wednesday before each trip. Sometimes it will stay open later if we know we are running the trip, but the bus isn't full. If the trip sells out early, join the waitlist and you may be moved on the trip if there are cancellations. To cancel a trip, you must email Do not respond to the confirmation email. See our cancellation policies and procedures for more information.

Registration Modules: As trip modules are created, they will appear in the calendar below (which you can change to list view if you wish). The date and time the trips open is on the module trip descriptions.The registration button will only appear once the trip is open for registration. If you don't see it, either the trip is not yet open, the registration deadline has passed, or the trip is full. Anything out of the ordinary will be noted on the trip description.

Walk-ons: If you miss the deadline and there are still spots available on the bus, we may allow "walk ons." Members can get on the bus without registering and we invoice you after. There is a $10 fee unless otherwise indicated. Check the status page to see if walk ons are allowed, at what stops, if there is a walk on fee, and any other details about it (you need to be logged in). The status page is updated by Friday at 12pm.

"Bring a friend" trips (i.e., guests): Guests must know someone on the trip who registers them and is responsible for them. There is a $20 guest fee. There are detailed instructions on the registration module on how to register guests (if allowed on that trip). Guests are only allowed on the bus (no drive ups), must be registered in advance (no walk ons) and MUST sign the waiver.

Have questions? Check the FAQ page and this blog post for a roundup of links to our most useful information.

    Registration Instructions

    1. Sign in to your account.  
    2. Find the trip you want in the calendar below. (You can also switch to list view - see the top right hand corner). There are two modules for every trip - one for bus participants and one for drive ups who wish to take lessons. Choose the one applicable to you.
    3. Read the trip description! Make sure you are ok with the trip as laid out before you register.
    4. Click "Register". The register button will only appear once the trip is open for registration. If you don't see it, either the trip is not yet open, the trip is full, or it is past the registration deadline.
    5. Register for the trip. Bus participants will pay for the bus, trail pass, and rentals (if needed) using your credit card, and answer questions about your pick-up location and lessons. Drive up participants will only sign up for lessons. You must pay for your own trail pass and rentals at the resort.
    6. You will receive an email confirmation with your registration. This email is for informational purposes only. DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS EMAIL - no one will receive it. 

    Note: if you don't log in first, find the trip you want below, click register, and then you will have to provide the email you used when you registered for the club (if you use another one, you will not be able to successfully register). Then you may proceed with registration. 

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